Sunday, October 24, 2010


After finishing a tiring day of massive house cleaning yesterday, I was left with tying up some loose ends today.  After church, I spent time tagging and boxing a new order that I will take to Bird Hut in the morning.  Check out Bird Hut on Facebook.  It's a great bird store here in Portland and they have EVERYTHING you could ever want for your bird.

This box is filled to the brim with my toys.  I love making safe and enriching bird toys, as it is my passion to mentally stimulate the minds of our very intelligent avian "kids." 

Here is a picture of my bird's entertainment wall.  Yes, they are the only ones in the household that have an HD television.  We still use our old sets in the other two living areas.  As you can see from the TV screen, The Disney Channel is one of my birds' favorites.  Especially Hannah Montana.....go figure.  The boys also have an entire library of Cd's and DVDs.  Gabriel's favorite movie is Winged Migration, and one of their favorite Cd's is of rain forest sounds.  My birds?.....spoiled?.....Naw.

My boys go crazy over Nutriberries.  Zeek, even though he is a conure, will only eat the cockatiel nuggets.  Give him anything else and he will launch them in the air.  Timothy, on the other hand, has no preference whatsoever.  He just loves them all.

Here are a few toys waiting to be put in my shop on Etsy: I will put them in the shop tomorrow.  All my toys are 20% off through October 31st.  Stop by and check them out! : )

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  1. Great toys!
    Talk about spoiled birds ! I LOVE how they have their own entertainment system! Hehe <3