Saturday, December 25, 2010


This is the stuff Santa brought for my boys. Little elves worked throughout the year to accumulate this much stuff for them. Does the word, "spoiled" come to mind?

 I just love these little edible huts they have come out with.  I don't know how my birds are going to react to them, so we'll see.  Zeek is going to love his new mirror.

 My birds love me to read to them.  I found the bird book at Costco and it has pop up pictures in it...that should get their attention.  Also, I wanted to start reading Bible stories to them.  Hey, they are God's creatures and the Bible says let everything that has breath praise the Lord (I must look up what scripture that is).
Here are their stockings all filled up from last night.  This morning they got to see some of their gifts.  I am a kid at heart and thus am going to spread Christmas out over a couple of days.  That way they won't get too overwhelmed and I won't be tempted to totally rearrange their cages with all their new stuff, causing them to have a nervous breakdown!


  1. Nice Christmas you have planned there! We gave our birds and bunny their presents, and let them rip the paper open themselves. It is great enrichment for them. Our rabbit went nuts over his present from some friends of ours, I put a video up on my blog. Our Amazon stuck his whole body inside a stocking to get out a treat, too.