Monday, December 20, 2010


Every morning around our house, there is a ritual of chores we go through concerning our birds.  Cages get wiped down, trays are cleaned and emptied and new lining is put in, and all the food and water dishes are washed and filled.  And, every morning upon opening his cage door, Zeek steps out to sit in his doorway.  Sometimes he climbs to the top of the cage, but mostly he sits in his doorway and survey's the morning chores.  It is at this time that he usually has his big morning poop.  And where does that poop go?  In his water dish, of course.  He can not poop in his water dish any other time except when perching in his open doorway.  I have talked to him about this nasty habit, but he insists on making his "poop soup."  It's a good thing I have the opportunity to immediately remove the soiled water.  But, nonetheless, Zeek is proud of his new culinary talents.

Here is an example of his handiwork.  Zeek has now decided that he has perfected this "soup" well enough to challenge Bobby Flay to a throwdown!  I told him I will have nothing of the sort, but he is determined to win this great honor.  Yah...right.  So watch out Bobby, your nemesis is calling.

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  1. Somehow I can't imagine Bobby even pooping let alone doing it on TV...better work on something else Zeek!