Saturday, January 29, 2011


I thought I would stray from my usual posts that consist only of my parrots, and show you the rest of my furred and feathered "kids."  This is Emma, one of the many chickens I have.  My chickens will never be dinner...only their eggs are.  My flock is amazingly spoiled.  Most people see chickens as livestock, but around here, they are part of the family.

This beautiful gal is Raven, my black sex link.  She is only eight months old but already a stellar layer.  Here she is perched on one of the many places my chickens have to just hang out.

Here is a most unflattering picture of me with my hen, Charolette.  As you can see, we are both having a bad hair day.  Actually, Charolette NEVER has a good hair day. 

These rascals are my two airedale terriers, Savannah and Sasha.  They are double trouble together. 

And lastly, here is our only cat, Jazzy.  She loves hanging out with her chickens. She calls them her "peeps."  So there you go, the rest of my menagerie.  Actually, I have nineteen chickens, but didn't show them all.  Maybe another time.  Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. I call the cat Jazmanian Devil!!

  2. The airedales are adorable~ my son has a 4 year old airedale who goes by the name of Lola~my oh my what a handful she is! They keep waiting on her to outgrow her puppy stage~

  3. Katiebee,
    Airedales NEVER outgrow their puppy stage...LOL! My girls are 7 and 9 years old and they are still full of sass. And having two together...well, now that's a handful!