Saturday, February 26, 2011


I run my small bird toy making business out of a studio in my home. This weekend I took the challenge to make this workspace more user friendly. I didn't think to take before the after pictures will have to suffice for now. I put all of the toy parts in separate bins and labeled them. Then each bin received a special spot on the shelf.

For the items that needed a bigger container, I used these white sets of drawers. As you can probably tell, all these parts are housed in a space that once used to be a simple closet. Take the doors off and add some curtains and "tada" instant storage space for a growing business.

These next pictures are of my actual work spaces.  My desk gives me space to take inventory and process orders that have come in for the toys.  I love adding colorful stuffed parrots and other birds to my surroundings to brighten things up and keep the feel of the room fun and creative.

This chest of drawers is the heart of my studio and houses all my tools I need to create my toys.

 Music is important to me and I love listening to tunes while I am creating.

 Drawers, drawers and more drawers...all filled to the brim with parts to create wonderful enrichment toys for parrots.

I hope this little tour of my workspace gives you a clearer idea of how dear to my heart making safe, fun and enriching bird toys is to me.  It's my passion and I feel a call on my heart to create these pieces of enrichment to improve the mental health of all feathered creatures.Posted by Picasa


  1. I came across your blog through the "tag", writing, as an interest. This seems interesting. Birds are pretty cool, though I have 2 cats ;P

  2. Your spaces are always so organized..You'd never know we are sisters. he, he!