Sunday, April 24, 2011


Sorry there is no picture to document this, but Timothy made a huge leap of progress tonight.  I came in from putting the chickens in their coop for the night, to find Timmy on his perch in the back of his cage!  That perch has been there for over a year and he just now used it.......congrats Timothy!!!  I wanted to grab the camera and take some pictures, but with this being the first time he has ventured to be on that perch, I was not going to make any unnecessary disruption and cause him to have a bad experience while trying something new.  For those of you who have been following Timothy's journey, you know how happy my heart is right now and the tears I had to choke back when I saw him being a little more free from fear.  Praise God!!  God is good, all the time.....even for our little parrots with wounded hearts who are learning to trust again.

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Yippy for Timothy...Good job Timmy, good job Mommy!!

  2. Way to go, Timothy!!! You are such a trouper. Keep up the courageous work.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. It takes so much time and patience. What to someone else might look like a tiny change is to the involved caregiver a major revolution. With a lot of other parrots, inquisitiveness can win out over fear; but Greys of both types seem to hate change. Do you find that's so?