Sunday, October 9, 2011


I am not a sewer.  I love the idea of sewing and I love to go to the fabric store and drool over all the eye candy of fabrics, but I have never learned the art of sewing.  Well, due to the rising cost of most everything, and the needs of my birds, I was forced to take my sewing machine and put my non existent sewing skills to the test.  My boys needed new sleeping huts and the cost to outfit each bird with his own new hut was not a pretty number.  So I took a deep breath, went to my stash of fabric, broke out the tools and sat down to work.

I picked out some pretty polar fleece material, grabbed some white fleece to line the hut with and sat down to cut out the pattern.  The entire time I was undertaking this challenge, the boys watched me intently.  I figured why should they get away from the torture of this shipwreck of a project....if I'm going to suffer through this, so are they.  Ha!

But when I finished with the first sleep hut....what stood before me was not a train wreck of a project.  It was actually a smashing success!  Gleefully, I plowed through the next two huts like the roadrunner zipping past the coyote.  Woo Hoo!  I am a sewer!  Well, let's not get carried away.  One successful project does not a sewer make.  But hey, it was good while it lasted.  The boys were not as impressed with my skills as I was.  Gabriel has yet to acknowledge the huts existence in his cage, Zeek finds it perfect to poop on and Timothy, well....Timothy screamed bloody murder when I attempted to put his hut in his cage, so his sits on the desk waiting for that golden moment when he will not pluck himself bald from fear of the hut his mama made.  I feel so under appreciated.......*sigh*


  1. Yippy, great job! I can't believe you are sewing behind my back...I'm so proud!! xo

  2. yeah for you! i had to laugh when reading how your boys didn't appreciate your skills & efforts....typical kids...*L*