Saturday, February 15, 2014


Many months ago, I was introduced to an adorable Timneh African Grey parrot at the bird store that stocks my bird toys.  He was just a slip of a thing and DNA sexed a male.  He was already spoken for but was still at the store due to being hand fed.  From this bird store, no babies go to their new homes until they are completely weaned.  Which is as it should be.

Months flew by and I noticed the baby was still there.  I was told he was still being hand fed and that something seemed to be wrong.  The sale was cancelled and with a broken heart, the prospective owners, whom had named him "Archie" were forced to chose another baby that was ready to go home.

More months past and Archie continued to be hand fed.  He was not declining, but not normal either.  After being fully vetted, it was determined that Archie might never fully eat on his own.  Although healthy, he was disabled and would need a loving home that would understand his special needs and help him reach his full potential.  I was chosen to be his forever Mom.  And I couldn't be more thrilled.  Archie is ten months old and will be coming home March 8th.

With a limited budget, I flew to my local Ross store that specializes in reduced priced new items.  And I began to build the special things little Archie will need.  Here is my haul from yesterdays trip.

This toy has a crinkle sound when manipulated and the feet are a tough plastic with ridges.  Sights, sounds and textures will be important for Archie and will stimulate his brain and exercise his curiosity.

I was thrilled to find this snuggly little cow for Archie to cuddle up against for comfort and warmth.  The body is quite long and will be a perfect hiding spot for when he wants to wind down from a hard day of learning.

Since he will be being hand fed and has some jerky head movements, he will need mopping up when mealtime is over.  These baby washcloths will cover that duty quite well.

With being balance challenged, Archie will need to have the bottom of his cage padded to soften any falls he might encounter while he works on his mobility skills.  These two fluffy and soft blankets will provide a nice soft landing should he take a spill.

Archie is special needs, but I am putting no limits on this little guy.  I prayed about him many months ago and let the Lord do the deciding.  I never thought he would become my own baby.  There is a reason Archie is about to enter my world and God has a perfect plan for us both.

*Pictures of Archie to come!

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  1. Looking forward to photos and stories as Archie progresses. I love Timnehs.