Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Timothy has a favorite toy that I created. It is a great toy for him because he spends a lot of time ripping and shredding the paper, instead of his feathers. Here is the empty toy begging for a refill.
I always go to my stash of cupcake papers and pick out some nice bright colors for his ball. Most of the time, however, he gets a mix and match of different patterns, as those are the papers left from the toys that I sell.
Her is the toy all stuffed and ready for action. I named this toy "Paper Puff" and sell it in my Etsy store. It is one of the hottest items I sell here in Portland at the stores that carry my line of toys.
And last but not least....remember that toy I created for Timothy a few weeks back? Well, this is all that is left of it. The beads have all been plucked from the rope and the rope itself is barely haning on. When a toy gets to this degree of destruction, I remove it and replace it with something different. Variety is the key with my Timmy.
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