Sunday, May 16, 2010


Every Saturday, I take extra time preparing new activities with my flock and rotate all their toys.  My favorite part is refilling their toy boxes.  I use locking crocks, as it keeps the "box" from being flung on the bottom of the cage.  Here are the boy's crocks ready to be filled.
I choose the appropriate size toys for each bird.  Gabriel, being a cockatiel will not get the big toys that Timmy gets, nor will Timmy get Gabe's toys, as this could pose a choking hazard to him, due to the size difference. 
These are some of the smaller parts that I give to Gabe and Zeek.  They love picking out the different pieces and running their tongues over the varying textures.
Timothy gets chunkier, meatier toy parts to chomp on.  As you can see, I like to add variety to the boxes in order to keep busy beaks occupied.
These are some of the foot toys, or "Talon Teasers" that I have created.  I sell them to shops here in Portland and in my shop on Esty.
Okay, this is the favorite part of the toy box.  The shredded paper!
Here is the finished product.  All three toy boxes overflowing with new and different toys.  The boys will have a blast checking to see what is new and spending time pulling the shredded paper out piece by piece.

One last step...locking them safely on the bars of the cage!  Now the little rascals can dig and play to their hearts content, and they won't dump the whole contents on the floor...and then scream for me to come clean it up.  I love locking crocks for just that purpose.


  1. Can I be a bird and live at your house?

  2. My Amazons love to strip the bark from fresh branches but safe branches are hard to come by since most of the trees around here are evergreens. I think I'll try your cup 'o toys idea. Maybe they'll play with little toys they can throw around!