Saturday, August 28, 2010


One thing I love about Saturday's, is the extra time I get to spend with my boys.  Today I was in a photo snapping mood.  So the following are some snippets of my boys doing their thing.  I'm quite sure that they would roll their eyes in disgust, if they could, at my photo manic moments.

Here is Zeek coming out of his cage first thing in the morning.  By this time, he has already scarfed down a piece of toast and is waiting for breakfast to be served.

Now this is more like it!  Fresh fruit and veggies and a bonus piece of fish from last nights dinner to boot.  Today will be a good day indeed.

Did I wake you?  Timothy doesn't wake up as fast as Zeek takes him a few moments to unruffle what feathers he has and greet the morning.  But fear not, for in a few minutes he will be munching on his toast and demanding a shower.

That's more like it.  A couple of good stretches and the day is beginning to take shape.  Timothy has been cage bound, but with diligent work, he is making progress.  Two nights ago, he came out and sat on my lap for ten minutes!!  Yeah Timmy!

This is the view from the bird room.  They have a special bird feeder right outside the window and get quite the kick out of watching the little sparrows eat.  The chicken coop is in their view also, and with the window open I'm surprised that not one of the three has picked up how to crow...yet.

At eighteen years old, Gabriel is my eldest bird.  He does not appreciate my camera in his face and despises the startles him.  My camera is of the sucky, lame variety and does not produce good pictures without the flash (indoors, that is).

So, until my pocketbook grows a bit, a new camera is not in the budget.  My focus is on quality care of my animals...everything else takes a back seat.  So if you don't see many pictures of my Gabe, it's because I choose not to flash the camera at him too often.  Being scared is not a good feeling, so I will spare him of it as much as I can. 

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  1. Clapping hands and jumping up and down for Timmy's good job, well done!
    Wow Zeek, I'm coming to have breakfast with you.
    You look very good Gabe and I do agree camera flashes can be very undesirable indeed.
    Have a good night and be sure you all do your scripture memorization while everyone is at church in the morning.

    Auntie Sherri