Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Recently I have been diving into my books on bird nutrition.  I am determined to create a better diet for my birds and have found many great recipe's in this book: The Healthy Bird Cookbook.  It takes you step by step through the importance of a balanced diet, vitamins and minerals, hazardous foods, mountains of recipes and so much more.  I was not aware of the need for washing the skin of a banana before peeling it and feeding the fruit to your bird.  The reason to wash it even though you don't feed the peel to your bird, is because, monkey urine is on the skin.  Ewwwww....now that was a fact that I was not aware of for myself or my birds.  Needless to say, my banana's skin will be squeaky clean from this day forward.

Here is how my first batch of muffins/bread turned out.  Kinda lumpy in places, but the birds didn't mind.  I must remember the next time to fill the cups only half full....a lesson well learned in this recipe.

A close up of my creations.  I ended up cutting the muffins and the bread into bite sized chunks.  Each bird has his favorite way of eating yummy treats.  Gabriel like a piece stuffed in between the bars of his cage, Zeek likes them on a skewer, and Timothy likes to take a piece from my hand and hold onto it with his foot. I will be making more recipes out of this book, as it has everything but the kitchen sink!  You can find it on Amazon.com

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  1. We have a Black Headed Caique he likes bananas but we have never given him muffins, I will have to try it.