Friday, March 25, 2011


Here I am in all my hairy glory.  Just thought I would update my progress with my hair regrowing after chemo. 
On April 5th, I will have my last chemo. I finished my other two chemo's last August and those were the one's that made my hair fall out. This is my new growth of hair. I can even put a clip in it! Real hair. No wig. Gotta love it!

Perhaps if I would have put on some make up this picture wouldn't have turned out half bad. I can just hear my beloved sister now, "never go without your make up!" I'm sure she will have some comment to write about this.....LOL!
The bangs are still in the process of filling in. I tell myself this so that I don't sit down and cry over being half bald like a middle aged man. It kinda looks like I'm trying to do one of those "comb overs" that some guys do to cover their bald spot.
Oh and by the way..............cancer fears me! Ha Ha Ha Ha!
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  1. Yay for new hair!! And yes, cancer does fear you =)

  2. The hair is growing in very well!! Yes, makeup would have been is always helpful to us all!

  3. yeah for the last chemo treatment!!!!!! love the hair barrette~