Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yesterday, I had my last cancer treatment!  WooHoo!  Ever since my hair has been struggling to grow back, my cat Jazzy has taken it upon herself to be my personal hairdresser.

At first I was grossed out by her sudden interest in "cleaning" my hair.  But shock of all shocks, my hair began to thicken up and grow!  Go figure THAT one out? 

Now that the back of my head is full of hair, she has turned her attention to my sides and front.  A much bigger challenge, I might add.  Even before cancer I had very thin hair on top.  Good luck with this area Jazzy.

Hair doesn't need to grow that close to my eye, Jazzy.  Hey, perhaps if she could groom Timothy, he would let his feathers grow......NOT!  I would never let Jazzy get that close to my feathered babies.  But it does make one wonder.  Is cat saliva a hair growth stimulant?  Don't worry, I wash my hair thoroughly after this beauty treatment.


  1. I wouldn't trust her for one minute..Don't let her too close to your eyes!

  2. That thought did cross my mind, I must say. She is one unpredictable feline.

  3. It might be the next big thing in Spa treatments! :)