Monday, May 16, 2011


                         Batz For Birds

I wanted to pass along this little gem to all my readers.  Finding bird safe hardware can be....well, hard.  Birds can not have hardware made with zinc, as it is toxic to our avian friend.  The best choice is stainless steel, but nickel plated hardware is also acceptable and safe, but at a much cheaper price the stainless.

The Batz Corporation has excellent prices as well as great customer service.  I buy most of my hardware from them.  They are also very good at giving the best shipping prices on items that can be spendy to ship due to the weight. 

It is important to offer our birds toy parts that are safe for them to chew on.  We are stewards of these magnificent and intelligent creatures and owe it to them to offer them the best resources.  And if we can save a bit of money in the process, well then, that is what I call a win, win situation.

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