Saturday, May 7, 2011


Granted, these are not the most flattering pictures of my little man, but they will suffice for now.  I just had to let you all know of the progress that Timothy has made.  I did not get pictures of his progress, because I did not want to startle him in any way while he was making such bold steps in the right direction.  It seemed too weird to post without pictures, so I grabbed the camera this second and just snapped a few of him sitting on his platform in his cage while he was relaxing.

First, he is becoming more and more fuzzy.  In fact, he is getting some darker feathers peaking out of his whitish grey downy feathers.  At first I thought he was wet, but on further inspection one day, I discovered that his chest was filling in with spots of real dark feathers.

But I think the biggest news comes from the events of yesterday.  I was sitting in the chair next to Timmy's cage while eating lunch.  I decided to open his food hatch door and let him come out if he chose to do so, and went back to eating.  The next thing I knew he was out on his balcony, the perch below his food hatch door.  I gave him a piece of my sandwhich, and played it cool by watching some TV.  Then a few seconds later I felt a tugging on the shoulder of my t-shirt.  He has never reached out to explore me before.  Shocked, I still made myself take it all in stride so as not to alarm him.  But what he did next blew me away and made me tear up.  I turned to say something to him and he reached out and gave me a beak kiss on the lips!  Say what?  NEVER have I received a kiss from him before!

I felt like my little man was saying:
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!Posted by Picasa


  1. Ooooohhhh! Now that makes me cry! What a wonderful gift, eh? Fuzzy Wuzzy is warm and fuzzy and so is my heart. Give him a kiss for me.

  2. Congratulations!

  3. That is so cool, Michelle! I love reading about Timmy's progress. He's clearly starting to see you as his person.