Sunday, May 22, 2011


Timothy can't get enough showers!  He use to ask for them about every other day, but now he asks for them multiple times a day.....I mean MULTIPLE!  I shower him in the morning and he is asking for another about an hour later.  He has never done this before and I must admit I first labeled it as an obsession.  But now I'm wondering if the water makes his skin and feathers feel better, so he asks for more.  This little guy is really expressing himself more lately and has made strong strides in his recovery.  He is so much more confident.  He even dunked his head in my glass of water with ice cubes.....silly boy!


  1. Maybe it keeps his feathers moist and not 'pokey' to his skin..hmmm.

  2. Hi Michelle, my best friend's Grey had at least 2 baths a day, as in her case it did make her skin feel better, less itchy. I think Timmie knows what he needs. Gosh, how great to hear of his progress! You are doing marvels with him.