Friday, August 26, 2011


This afternoon I needed a respite from the heat, so I decided to make some simple toys for my boys.  For a minimal amount of dollars, you can whip up little projects like this for your birds, anytime you have a quick moment.

Some basic tools is all you need...especially for this project.  In fact, this toy only required three tools.  And I bet most of you have these tools in your cupboards or drawers at home or in your garage. 

In a couple of minutes you can whip up these cuties.  Any bird would love to chew on these darling pieces. 

Only four pieces of materials were needed: a small plastic disc, cardboard bagel, kiote coin, and some Paulie Rope.  Paulie Rope is bird safe and comes in a rainbow of colors.  Make sure the rope you use on your birds' toys is safe.  Some ropes can tangle toes due to hanging strings.  It might take a little more of your time to find bird safe materials, but the rewards are priceless: a safe toy, for a very loved bird(s).

The next time you have a few spare minutes, run to your supplies and whip together a treasure trove of fun for your birds!  Blessings to all.

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