Thursday, September 15, 2011


My inventory was getting a bit sparse, as sales have been good.  I promised myself a while ago that I was going to share my creative process and highlight a few of my best selling toys.  I am learning how to be more efficient in my workspace in order to put out as many toys in one sitting that I can.  Since I am the only creator and assembler of these toys, fine tuning my work time was of utmost importance.

I like to layer my pieces so that in the end, the toy is full and fabulous and just waiting for an eager beak or two. 

Step by step, piece by piece, the toy begins to take shape.  I labor over each toy to make sure it is of high quality and craftsmanship.  As I create, I imagine the different kinds of birds that might one day be playing with one of my creations.  I am humbled and honored to be helping the mental health of the avian community.

Color is important, as birds have a fuller spectrum of hues they see, that we don't.  Have you ever seen your birds pupils dilate and contract?  That is called "pinning" and it means they are excited.  Excitement can mean a variety of things to a bird, so it is not the most opportune time to get your fingers near them.  My birds' eyes pin when I hand them one of these toys.  It's a tactile sensation and they can't wait to dig in!

Here you have the finished product.  There are layers upon layers of munching, tearing, and shredding fun.  My Etsy site will be up and running again soon.  And this delicious beauty will be waiting for that special winged wonder........could it be your bird?

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  1. What a festive wreath for someone's special feathered family member..."Lucky Bird"!! xo