Sunday, September 11, 2011


Every morning without fail, my flock gets their fruit and veggies hand chopped by me, their personal chef.  I've tried to make life easier for myself and use my food processor, but they refused to eat it.  I've hand chopped enough to freeze for a week...they refused to eat it.  I've hand chopped daily ever since.  Should I be concerned?

This bowl of freshness will be divided among my three boys.  Sometimes I add quinua to the mix and because it sticks to the fruit and veggies, they actually eat some!  Timothy will always chuck out of the bowl the pieces that don't suit his fancy.  I think my birds might be spoiled...but the jury is still out on that...LOL.

On occasion, Timothy likes to have a glob of peanut butter on his plastic spoon.  Due to the heat wave we have been having, this glob melted to the floor of his cage before he could consume it.  He was not pleased by this turn of events.

Did I mention that my boys must also have a fresh supply of fruit and veggies in big chunks on a Stainless Steele skewers? are right, they have me well trained.

Zeek and Gabe puke at the sight of meat, but Timothy was a carnivore in another life.  He loves his meat!  And it must be good processed meats or lunch meats...not even chicken from a can.  Nope, he must have fresh natural meat.  This is a pork burger that I grilled.  I always have to make an extra serving for dinner on the nights Timmy gets his meat.

At last, the dishes are filled, each according to the individual bird, and ready to serve.  Today, they also got a serving of fresh scrambled egg (with eggs from our own flock).  Timothy dives in to his dish, but Zeek and Gabe must first make sure that the evil dish of fresh foods won't consume them!  If I would let them, those two would ingest only seeds and pellets.

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