Thursday, February 23, 2012


Do our animals have the ability to sense the presence of the Holy Spirit?  Many have pondered this question, although you won't see it talked about much in the secular world.  Well, if I ever questioned an animals ability to connect with their maker, I don't now. 

This morning as I was doing the daily cleaning and feeding of the birds, as usual, Timmy was swaying back and forth in a state of his normal anxiety.  Even though he has been with us for over two and a half years, he still dreads the morning cage cleaning.

For some reason, I felt moved to pray for him.  I put my hand up to the cage (something that usually sends him into nervousness), closed my eyes and began to pray for him.  I prayed that God's peace would wash over him and that through the discernement of the Holy Spirit, I would be given insight on how best to care for this tender feathered soul.

While I was praying, there was no movement from Timmy.  And when I opened my eyes, he was calmly standing on one foot with his other foot raised to the heavens!  A broad smile immediately broke across my face, as I saw my boy truly calm for the first time.  Does God hear our prayers?  Of course!  Does God hear our prayers even for the least of these?  I am now confident to say a resounding YES!

May your day be blessed with the peace that comes from our Savior and God.


  1. I do believe my birds (Steve in particular) responds to the peace we send them as we pray for them. Only God knows how many times I've prayed to Him for Steve when I run out of ideas about how to help him get beyond his fears. And always there is some response. I have no doubt they feel this, as they are so extremely sensitive to feelings. Why not to the presence of God, the summons to His presence for help? BTW, Timmie looks the best I've seen him - so many little new feathers!

  2. Thank God for the proper place to tell my experience. I have a huge picture of Virgin of Guadalupe in my room. Every night, my yorkie stands at Her for lets say 50 seconds , looks at Her and then goes to sleep. I have tried to convince myself that is not so but night after night, he does the same routine. God bless our dear pets.