Friday, March 23, 2012


This is my most popular toy I make.  I named it Peanut Butter & Jellyfish because it just looks like something from the bottom of the ocean.  This is a photo of it in a brand new state.

And this is a photo of what it should look like after it has been preened to death.  I have to have one of these toys in Timothy's cage at all times.  He works on it every day and never tires of playing with the long cotton fibers.  When a toy ends up looking like this, I am pleased.  As all the energy put into preening this toy, is that much less time Timmy spends on picking his feathers.

Again: new and pretty.

Used and loved.

All this equals one happy parrot that is beginning to let his feathers grow.  I can't claim this toy will cure a feather picker, but it sure does help ease the plucking/picking obsession of my boy.  And for that I say, "thank you" to my God, who sees even the tiniest sparrow fall.


  1. Love the name...very clever indeed! xo

  2. Both clever and creative. Perfect toy for feather-pickers.