Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Lately I have been giving Timothy a shower twice a day...sometimes three.  The difference in him is remarkable.  Not only are his feather growing and darkening up, but his mood is lighter, calmer and more jovial.

As you can see, he enjoys every moment of his showers.  In this picture he has the nictictating membrane (what is known as the "third eyelid" in birds) up over his eye.  He loves his face being misted and dips his head to catch any spray from the bottle he can.

I love this picture because you can see the mist.  Again, he is relaxed and very calm.

Sometimes in African grey parrots, they will sport a lone red feather somewhere on their body.  Timothy has said red feather on his left wing.  Mom about fainted when she saw this and thought is was a blood feather.  Poor mom, she is so worried that Timothy will break a blood feather when I am not home to tend to him.  Fear not, mom....our God is in control!

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  1. Best that mother does not go in the room when you are gone!!!!!! - Tell Timmy that auntie Sherri is very proud of him and he looks oh, so handsome with all of those feathers growing in. Can't wait to tell him in person! xo