Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I am trying something new with my feather picking boys to see how much more headway I can make on easing their obsessions.  My vet told me to start showering them at least three times a day.  Well, that is music to Timothy's ears, as he adores showers.  But for Zeek, it is a nightmare.  Zeek is nineteen years old and was never a feather picker until I became bald from chemo.  Since then, he has been a plucker and despite my cancer journey over, and my hair growing back, he just continues to pluck his feathers.  He was such a beautiful bird fully feathered.  Now he is a mere shadow of that plump glossy feathered boy. 

Timothy, on the other hand, came to me as a feather picker.  He loves showers and asks for them at least ten times a day.  He relishes his showers, standing under the mist with the most peaceful look of bliss on his sweet little face.  I am already seeing improvement in him since administering showers multiple times a day.  I am excited to see just how many feathers he will allow to grow as long as his shower therapy continues.  If I am the least bit tardy on delivering his soakings, he reminds me with a emphasized holler:  "SHOWERRRRRRRRRRRR!"  Yes Timmy, I'm coming........LOL.

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  1. That is so interesting..I wonder is the skin gets dry and kind of prickly feeling and hence the plucking begins. Please keep us updated on this. xo