Monday, August 6, 2012


Because Frosty is a feather picker, it is essential that he be bathed as often as twice a day.  This was vet recommended for such a bird as Frosty.  Unfortunately, Frosty does not enjoy being bathed, sprayed or anything else that involves the use of water.  Timothy loves showers and asks for them constantly all day long.  He can't get enough of the wet stuff and just basks in the mist covering his body.  I thought that if Frosty witnessed his brother enjoying the water, that he would too.  But he is not convinced.  So what is a pleasant task with Timmy, is not pleasant with Frosty.

He does look a bit drippy and miffed in this picture.  Notice the clenched talon.  I imagine this as a sign that he would like to pop me in the nose for getting him soaking......LOL!  As angry as he gets, I still must press on with his hydro therapy.  He is now sporting four new flight feathers (primaries).  We are on the threshold of success!

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  1. Oh, poor Frosty. I think he will probably get used to his showers, especially after hearing his brother ask for it over and over again. xo