Friday, August 3, 2012


This room used to be our garage.  For many years now, it has been a "family room" catch all.  A mix of crafts, computer, and reading area.  Recently it became a place to put all the junk that didn't have a permanent home.  It's amazing how fast an area can go from usable to wrecking yard!  All this changed when I adopted my most recent bird, Frosty.  The bird room, that use to house many things besides birds, is now JUST the bird room.  I will post pictures of that rooms transformation at a later time.  That old saying is true: necessity truly is the mother of invention.

I don't believe there was one area in this large room that really "worked" for me.  Nothing was jiving or making any sense.  I spend a lot of time in here on the computer, but never has this space had a cohesive life.  I liken it to my brain on an OCD overdrive rampage.  There is a lot going on, but nothing making sense.  I guess to truly appreciate this, one would have to suffer from OCD, as I do, or ADHD, as one of my family members does.  I have found myself standing in the middle of this mess and turning in circles not knowing what to tackle first.  Strangely enough, that all changed when Frosty came in to our home and our hearts.

I actually enjoy prep time.  It is relaxing for me.  And I felt quite proud of myself using an electric sander and all.  Not once did my carpenter brother have to come and help me.  I wanted to see if I could rise to the task at hand, and now I know I can.....and did!

Now that only the finishing touches have to be done on the space before making its big reveal, I can look back with complete satisfaction knowing that I did my best, and best turned out to be not that bad.  Stay tuned for the final reveal......

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  1. I am so proud of you, what a great job you did..I look forward to you showing off the end result. Great photos, by the way! xo