Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dr. Jekell & Mr. Hyde

It appears that Timothy posesses two different personalities.  In the morning when I first wake him up, he is as sweet as honey.  He makes these cute little cooing noises and wants to nibble softly on my finger.  He is cuddly, gentle, and has a softness to his eyes.  And like the above picture shows, he even closes his eyes and gives me a big smooch!

BUT THEN.........

he turns into a monster when the sun sets and darkness enshroweds the evening!  He is demanding, spiteful, mean, striking things like a viper, and wreaking havoc among the other birds.  His eyes gleam with mischievious thoughts as he tears into his rope perches with gusto!  Where has my sweet boy gone?  Then he spies it...his toy box with all his foot toys neatly stored.  He races down to the box and begins tossing toys right and left.  Hefting them with glee as his cage now becomes the wreckage sight of a tornado.....tornado Timothy!!

That's when I close all the blinds, shut off the TV, and say Nigh Nigh boys!
*Click*   The lights go out, and I say, Ahhh all is quiet and calm.  For now.

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