Friday, January 29, 2010


Ever get the feeling your being watched?  I get that all the time, and no, I'm not having a Prozac moment.  The eyes that follow me are attatched to my Timothy.  My favorite name for him is "Little Man", so I will use that often on this blog.  A short while ago, my little man yawned while viewing the same show I was watching.  Ignoring his obvious boredom, I asked him if he was tired, and he just shot me a knowing glance, that it was by no means his bedtime!  Fastforward a couple of days: I was passing by his cage and unknowingly yawned within his a nano second he asked, "are you tired?"  There is nothing quite like being mocked by a parrot!

Since Little Man is a feather picker, I make enrichment toys for him daily.  This is but one that I came up with on short notice, when he became antsy.  He loves to shred things, however, his second favorite thing to do is throw the toys across his cage in a furry of rage if the mood strikes him. 

Little Man isn't the only one that keeps a close eye on me when I am making toys.  Zeek (the beak), my Nanday Conure always manages to get his two cents worth in also.  He is the namesake for my shop on Etsy, where I make and sell bird toys:  Zeek and Timothy have shouting matches that could shatter glass.  When I first got Timothy, I wondered why Zeek had started to increase his volume so immensely...until I found out that it was Timothy mimicking Zeek in stereo surround sound!  Zeek is loud, but Timothy is louder.  So now, when I hear Zeek's voice in stereo, I know it is just Timothy amping up the volume!

Ah yes, there is but one more set of eyes keenly watching my every mood.  This is Gabriel, my Cockatiel.  Gabe absolutely adores shredding toys.  He is the whistler of the three, but can't carry a tune in a bucket...poor boy.  He is seventeen years old and still tone deaf.  But I love him dearly, as I do all my babies.  Now that you have met my three sons, I will include them all in Timothy's journey.  When referring to all three birds, I just call them "the boys".

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