Saturday, May 8, 2010


When I venture out to make a new toy, whether to sell on my website: or to spoil my own birds, I usually let the materials speak to me as to how to marry them together.  Today, I am making a new creation for Timothy, my african grey parrot with a feather picking problem.  Here I am starting out with just a simple plastic paddle and some cotton rope.

Hmmm...knots are a good thing, as parrots usually adore undoing them.  The more knots to undo, the less time used to pick precious feathers.  Sounds good to me.

Ah yes, color is a VERY good thing.  Parrots love color and my Timothy is no different.  Here, I am using plastic tube beads.  These beads are durable, but also possible to destroy (which usually thrills my birds).  More knots...a good thing.

More eye candy!  Yummy!  These beauties are a must for every toy making mommy.  They are practically indestructable and the colors just POP before your eyes.  My birds love to manipulate them with their tongues.  These must be added.

Pretty, but not overwhelming.  A good choice for this toy.  I like providing a couple of different textures in each toy to stimulate the senses and tickle the brain a bit.

Punch a hole for hanging.....and tada...a new toy for my Bubba (a nickname I gave Timothy).

The toy is now hanging securely in Bubba's cage.....but where is he?  Oh Timothy, come out, come out, wherever you are............

Perhaps we should give him some time to get used to the new toy....this reaction does not mean he will never play with the toy.....remember, birds are wary creatures, always on the lookout for predators.  Once he realizes this is to play with, he will go nuts.  So, stay tuned for more pics and adventures with Timothy (aka Bubba).

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  1. I can't wait to see the pics of him playing..Who knew that birds would pick their feathers if they are bored. I must say if I were a bird I do believe there would be no more feather picking with your cleaver toys.