Friday, May 14, 2010


Yes, this is Zeek...and No, he is not a feather plucker.  Poor boy is just going through a molt right now.  We don't mention it to him, because he is sensitive of the way he looks right now.  You know...that male ego thing.  He is believing that Timothy's feather condition is what he has to look forward to.  I assured him that within a short time, he would once again sport a very sleek, handsome bunch of feathers. 

Each of my boys has a different eating style.  Here is Timothy's style...share it with the floor of your cage.  Yes, I have put padding down at the bottom of Timmy's cage and then covered it with paper towel, so if Timmy loses his balance, which is possible due to his lack of feathers, he will have a soft spot to land.  But he views his cage bottom as a place to leave pieces of his meal, to snack on later.

Zeek, on the other hand, demands that his fruit and veggies be neatly strung on a skewer.  He then meticulously nibbles the best part of the produce, leaving very little for the invisible bird elves at the bottom of the cage, to feed on.

Gabriel, my camera shy boy, leaves very little on the bottom of his cage.  He does not like his produce on a skewer, nor does he share his portions with the floor of his cage.  He neatly eats and leaves any residue in the cups his food is contained in.

See, clean as a whistle.  Only a small, lonely piece of apple lay quietly in the corner.  So there you have it, the different dining styles of my boys.  I don't think they were amused with this home invasion, but I had to share something about them today and the dining differences intrigued me. 
I never said I was a sane person...only bird crazy.

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  1. I cannot believe how neat and tidy your birds are. Both my cockatiels and Amazons rummage around in their bowls and throw out what they don't want to eat. The Greencheek Amazons in particular are notorious for taking one bite of something, even a fave like a peanut, and then letting the rest fall.