Thursday, May 13, 2010


It only took Timothy one day to warm up to his new toy that I created for him.  After that, he dove right in and began shredding it by the mouthfuls.

He is now quite possessive of the toy and didn't appreciate the camera being in his he turned his head to ignore the whole situation.

So, in order for you to fully appreciate his fine piece of work that he performed on the toy...instead of his feathers, I had to remove the toy to snap a decent photo.  I am very pleased to see that my little man is taking his anxieties out on toys instead of his feathers.  It is a work in process, folks.  I will definitely make more of this design and put it up on my Etsy site for purchasing.  I call this a successful venture.  And hey, if it helps other birds like my Timmy...then my work has been truly blessed by God.

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