Monday, September 20, 2010


I have started to create some bird toys incorporating boxes as foraging tools.  However, the price of store bought boxes is too expensive to use in large quantities, so I am venturing out to make my own.  Above are samples of paper I use, and beneath those papers is a tool that is specifically designed to make boxes, envelopes, and cards.

I make different colors and then mix and match to stimulate the birds senses.  I can make any size I want, it just takes a few calculations on the work board in order to make the top slightly larger to fit over the bottom piece.  This will save me many dollars, however, it takes time to make it's something I have to monitor over time to see if the money saved is worth the time spent.

I just had to toss in this random picture of Zeek.  It looks like he is bowing his head to pray before diving into his food dish.  I bought Zeek seventeen years ago as a second hand bird.  I do not know his real age, as the shop owner didn't have that information from the previous he could be quite mature.  However, he will always be my baby boy.


  1. I love your boxes! Even if it turns out to not be a huge savings, I think that you making the boxes is a real bonus because of the personal touch.
    Zeek, you're a handsome man no matter what your age!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog today; it was great to hear from you. I hope you're doing well and staying in good spirits. Having birds and dogs clowning around always raises a smile around here.

    My Timneh was my favorite parrot. Although it has been 10 years since she died, I still miss her.