Thursday, September 2, 2010


Believe it or not, but my boys have always been fond of reading.  That is, me reading to them.  In fact, they love it so much that I decided to make it a nightly ritual.

My love seat fits neatly between my birds' two cages.  Timothy's cage is on the right, and the double decker cage that houses Zeek and Gabe is on my left.  This gives all the boys a clear view of the book I am reading to them.

I venture out to my local library once a week to wade through the massive shelves of children's books.  I pick out books with bright colors and enough text to give the boys about a five minute story time.  One book in particular gave the boys a fright.  It was a book about ravens and crows.  The pictures were big and dark, showing silhouettes of ravens' bodies.  It's then that I realized how much they can get out of what I am reading to them.  Which means I must make more careful decisions in the future.  They love books about parrots, of course.

Here is Zeek getting perched closely for a good view of the pages.  He actually likes to "help" me read, but mumbling and squawking along with me as I read aloud to them.

 Timothy is ready and waiting patiently.  He is up high and has a good position to see the brightly colored pages.

But Gabe is the most interested.  He is proceeding to climb the bars in this picture to get a better view...that, and he hates the camera flash.  He was much relieved when I put down the camera, picked up a book, and began the nightly ritual that lulls them all to dreamland.


  1. How precious is that. Who knew that birds would like to be read to. Your boys appear to be quite well behaved....are they ready for bed right after or do you hear "I have to go potty again. I need a drink of water. Mom, Timothy won't leave me alone." etc...?

  2. My wife has read to our sun conures at bedtime before. Believe it or not, they actually paid attention for a few minutes. It was pretty cute. Of course, personally, my idea of spoiling my parrots is not the same as my wife’s. I like to spend time surfing the web for the newest bird toy or parrot cage accessory that will make their living quarters a little more comfy. I get a real kick out of watching their reactions to a new toy. Before bringing our conures home, I spent over 20 hours researching the best type of bird cages. I finally ordered a custom-designed sun conure cage from Cages By Design. I bought all the bells and whistles that came along with it too, like feeders, perches, etc. That’s my idea of pampering